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Simon Hargreaves - About

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Simon Hargreaves lives in the middle of a dark forest surrounded by magic.

Before writing about Bear Tooth Point, Simon earned degrees in photography, digital animation, and creative writing. During that time he worked just about any job he could find, from manufacturing toolboxes or flipping burgers to working as a private investigator or on the set of major Hollywood films.

Now he runs a successful family vacation resort in the middle of the Paul Bunyan Forest. When he’s not writing, you can find him either on the bike trails near his home or scuba diving at the bottom of the lake.

Simon is currently working on a second book set at Bear Tooth Point Resort as well as a series of books that follow the adventures of the daring and dashing duo, Darwin and Danforth.

For Simon, social media is a deadlier addiction than heroin, so while you might be able to find his accounts online, for his physical and mental health he isn’t there anymore.”

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